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How to Use “Enter” while using API

Sample Message
Welcome to India!
Your Verification Code is: ##OTP##

If you want above sample message to be displayed exactly in your mobile via using the portal you can do following;
Welcome to India!. PRESS ENTER KEY
Your Verification Code is: ##OTP##.PRESS ENTER KEY

Best Way to Use Enter in the Message via using API.
Welcome to India!%0A
Your Verification Code is: ##OTP##%0A

NOTE : %0A is the HTML value of ENTER.

How to send Unicode SMS via using API

To send Unicode SMS you need to use Unicode SMS API which is available in your account. you may follow these steps;

  • Login in to your account.
  • Click on API Document tab.

For Unicode Message :

Promotional Unicode Message APIपरीक्षण संदेश &fl=0&dc=8

Transnational Unicode Message APIपरीक्षण संदेश &fl=0&dc=8&gwid=2

Where can I find my API key?

To get your API KEY you need to follow these steps which are given below;

  • Login in to your account.
  • Click on profile button at right side top.

  • Click on edit profile.

What do you mean by API IP Validation

API IP Validation is the advance and unique feature of SMS INDIA HUB which makes your API URL more secure. This feature is very useful for corporate, enterprise and retail who are using API.

How API IP Validation works

In order to make your API URL more secure you should have a Static IP with your internet connection. If you do not have static IP then you may coordinate with your ISP.

Once you got the static IP that IP you can share with us and we will map that IP with your account , after the mapping your API access will be allowed from that IP only.

If API IP Validation is active and you try to send the SMS via any other IP then those requests will not be accepted.


If you do not wish to have this security feature, you can request to inactive.

How to Generate API URL from Panel

In order to generate API URL from Panel you need to do following things;

  • Login in your account.
  • Click on SMS tab.
  • Click on Send SMS.
  • Click on API form.
  • Choose the route for which you wanted to generate API URL.
  • Fill the required details.
  • And submit.


How to configure a api in BUSY software?

Configuring BUSY to send SMS

In BUSY, we provided the provision of sending SMS via mobile as well as via internet. To send SMS via internet, we require certain information in the form of API. Let understand the API first:
API (Application Programming Interface)
An application programming interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program which enables it to interact with other software. It facilitates interaction between different software programs similar to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers.
Generally, if we want to send SMS via internet, we have to log in the website of that particular service provider and type the message & mobile number. With the help of SMS API, user can attach any third party software to send SMS via the server of service provider.
Every SMS API consist certain information by which application can connect with the server to send SMS. Let evaluate one sample API and understand its component:

In the above API, there are some parameters names and their respective parameter values (marked as xxxxxxx). Let understand different parameter one by one:
1) USER : Define the user name provide by the service provide to login
2) PASSWORD : Define the password for login
3) MOBILENUMBER : Number on which SMS to be send
4) MESSAGE : Message to be sent
5) SID : SenderID is the name which displays on the receiver mobile and it has to be approved
by the SMS service provider.
As you understand the parameter of API, let’s move to the configuration of SMS API in BUSY. To configure SMS in BUSY, follow the below mentioned steps:
1) Go to Administration  Configuration  SMS Configuration.
2) Click on the option “ADD FORMAT” and save it.
3) Copy the API in white blank portion as mentioned in screenshot:
4) Define the unique value in white blank screen for different parameters (replacing xxxxxxx). We define the unique value to every parameter which is as follows:
user = UUU, passwd=PPP, mobilenumber=MMM, message=MSG, sid=SSS
(As mentioned in screenshot below)
Please note that value defined for different parameters must be unique and shouldn’t be conflict with any other word in whole API. Also, SMS configuration is case sensitive and you have to take care of upper case & lower case.

5) Define the same unique values under the column “Parameter Name” and define the actual value against each parameter in “Parameter Value” column. (As mentioned in screenshot below)

6) Define the additional information like no. of characters in a single SMS, want to send via proxy etc. as per your need.
7) You can also define the mobile no. structure in following manner
Leave as it is : This option will select mobile no. from account master as it is, without any changes
Truncate : This will cut the mobile no. from the left and only pick the no. of characters defined by
you. For example, mobile no. defined in account master is +91-123457890 and you
defined the truncate value as 10, then SMS will be send on 1234567890 instead of
Truncate with prefix : Select this if you want to add any prefix (like 91) along with truncating the mobile
8) Save the configuration

This is how you can use SMSINDIAHUB api in BUSY Software.

How can I Check my Balance?

You can Check your SMS balance either from the Panel or from the API URL.
Credit Balance API : :

Response : Success#Promotional:0|Transactional:95

Check Balance from Panel :

Error code in API and what does the error stand for ?


These codes are generated when there is any field missed or misspelled in the api tested by you. Each error code stand for the particular reasons and you can find the meaning of the erreor below:

Error Message


ErrorCode Error Message
000 Success (it means message is successfully submitted and you can check message parameter response to check message id and parts)
001 Account details cannot be blank
002 Username or password cannot be blank
003 SenderId cannot be blank
004 Message cannot be blank
005 Message properties cannot be blank
006 ServerError#Error message
007 Invalid username or password
008 Account inactive
009 Account lock
010 Unauthorized API access
011 Unauthorized IP address
012 Message length violation
013 Invalid mobile numbers
014 Account locked due to spam message contact support
015 Invalid SednerId
016 Transactional account not active
017 Invalid groupid
018 Cannot send multi message to group
019 Invalid schedule date
020 Message or mobile number cannot be blank
021 Insufficient credits
022 Invalid jobid
023 Parameter missing
024 Invalid template or template mismatch