What is Drip Marketing?

1. Lead Nurturing

Customer Signs up for Free Trial of a Product

  • Day 1: Welcome SMS/email with an Intro Video & a Welcome Phone Call
  • Day 3: SMS/Email explaining features of the product
  • Day 5: SMS/Email with eBook containing customer success stories
  • Day 7: Phone call to find out why the customer has not purchased yet.
  • (And so on… until customer pays or opts-out)

2. On-Boarding & Customer Success

Customer Pays for the Product and Starts Using it

  • Day 1: Thank You email with link to a Video explaining initial setup
  • Day 3: Ideas & Tips to make the maximum use of the product
  • Day 5: Videos, articles and manuals on how to use each feature of the product
  • (And so on…)

3. Customer Retention

  • Day 7: Proactively ask for feedback and problems faced by the customer via email
  • Day 9: Phone call to make sure that the customer is happy

4. Up-sell & Cross-sell

  • Day 11: Introduction to premium products
  • Day 13: Case-study & customer success stories about premium products
  • (And so on…)

The above is just a simple example of how a drip marketing campaign can be configured. The drip campaigns should be customized based on the specific needs of each business and its customers.

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